Author: Whitney Blankenship

Divvit Review: How to Best Understand your Data, and what to do with it

Everyone talks about data: how you need data, where to find it, what to track, everyone is consumed with what the best KPIs are. But then what? Don’t get me wrong- data is beautiful. But data is absolutely useless, unless you know what to do with it. To the untrained eye, a walk through Google Analytics can make your head spin. Even after its recent update, Google Analytics isn’t any easier to understand (unless you happen to be a savvy digital marketer, and even then, it can be hard to make sense of all that). However, data doesn’t have...

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Is Your Payment Gateway working for your E-Commerce?

Do you have the best payment gateway possible for your e-commerce business? It’s important to know that every aspect of your business is running at peak efficiency. How do you tell if your payment platform is right for your online store? First, you should think about your priorities and what you consider to be the best aspect of a payment system. BlueSnap has created an awesome quiz to find out if your payment gateway is working for you or against you. Put your gateway to the test! Choosing the best payment system for your online store isn’t always easy....

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Showcasing Innovation in Tech and Logistics, Deliver #2 Truly Delivered

At the shaded entrance of what looks to be an abandoned factory by the river just south of Berlin, men and women from all over the world lined up for entry to the logistics event of the year, Deliver #2. Decorated with palettes making up the separations between the stands of this conference, as well as very appropriate adornments for the leaders of the European Logistics industry, cozy meeting places were provided for a tête-à-tête. Also embellishing the abandoned factory was recyclable cardboard, maintaining the sustainable platform on which this conference is built. Two days this week, those the most...

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[#Podcast] Adapting your Cross-Border Strategy

We live in a hyper-connected world where borders are slowly vanishing into thin air and the globe is becomes smaller by the minute. Where all the knowledge in the given universe fits into the palm of your hand, those of us who work in the digital world are racing to keep up with everyone else. I was invited to record a podcast on this very subject with Branden Moskwa of Nadimo, where we tackled the questions behind taking your e-commerce cross-border strategy and how to localize that strategy to respond to your target markets. When building a cross-border strategy,...

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The Guide to Gorgeous DIY Product Photography

Awesome product photos for your online store doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. You can create gorgeous DIY product photography with just a few simple household items and a decent digital camera or smartphone.  As an online retailer and e-commerce business owner, you know the importance of making your products appealing. When visitors come to your site to see your products, your website is not the only thing that is important. They also need outstanding, gorgeous product photography that draws their attention and help them to make a decision on your product line. How do your photos look? If...

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