Author: Mélanie Vaast

How to Find a Niche Market to Boost your E-commerce Business

Some e-commerce businesses don’t want to place themselves in a specific niche market because they are afraid they will box themselves into too narrow of a group of merchandisers that only specialize in one thing. But the truth is categorizing your e-commerce business into a niche market is often a smart thing to do. A niche is a particular subcategory of a market that you decide to focus on for your business. It has a little a bit of competition (meaning there really is a market for it) but not too much as it is very specialized. Getting into a niche market is especially useful for small businesses. The main niche categories fall into Health & Fitness, Hobbies, Wealth & Money, Self Improvement, Relationships  and Interests & Activities. Keep in mind that your choice of niche may fit into more than just one category. In that case, you could place yourself in more than one market. What makes a good niche market? Well, in order to define the niche market that best suits you you need to think about the possibility for your customers to spend their money online. If you are having trouble figuring out which category you fall into, consider the following factors about your e-commerce business: What obsession or problems do you solve? Think about what solutions you offer and what problems you solve for your market. Do...

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How to make the most of online customer reviews

Online customer reviews are really important for both customers and online stores. In today’s digital world where competition is high, more than 92% of e-shoppers take reviews into account for their purchase decision. Either positive or negative, online reviews can have a very big impact on your e-commerce online reputation. This post will cover everything you need to know about online customer review including: The impact of online customer reviews for your SEO and sales rate. The implementation of your review strategy. How to properly handle bad and good reviews. Understanding the psychological mechanism behind customer reviews will help...

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How to Choose the Best Payment Solution for your E-Commerce

When choosing the best payment solution for your e-commerce, there are several things to consider. E-Commerce payment solutions have sprouted dramatically over the last few years with merchants and consumers both shifting to digital forms of online spending with mobile and website growth dominating as the top channels to accept payments. With the virtual global e-commerce reach, companies with websites and mobile applications, stand to generate increased revenue with international digital traffic. The level of encryption of data being an ever-present concern, visitors to your site should feel safe and trust their transactions while building a relationship with your...

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The Ultimate Pinterest Strategy for your E-Commerce

Before starting a Pinterest campaign, it is vital to understand that Instagram and Facebook strategies don’t apply to this platform, and if you have never encountered a Pinterest store, you will need to learn the basics of Pinterest product promotion. While users on these other networks are looking for new and exciting content, Pinterest users are geared towards action or purchase. Here are a few expert ideas on how to implement your Pinterest marketing strategy. First, Understand the Platform Although endowed with a vast e-commerce potential, Pinterest is still mainly a social network. Thus, to create a successful Pinterest...

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The Biggest Takeaways from Ladies in E-Commerce 2017

We had the chance to attend the awesome Ladies in E-commerce 2017 summit last week, on the 8th of June in Zürich, Switzerland. Here are the biggest takeaways from NetComm Suisse most inspirational event according to us. 90 attendees, 10 conferences and 9 participants to the speech competition gave us a great insight from today women digital entrepreneurship. The best value of Ladies in E-Commerce? Many inspirational and valuable presentations. What were the biggest topics in Ladies in e-Commerce? While e-commerce took the center stage, these women offered special insight from their own experience as female entrepreneurs in the digital world....

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