Author: Lotte van Meijel

Why You Should Be Buying During Black Friday

The Black Friday Sales; the day to kick off the holiday shopping season! Quickly followed by Cyber Monday and the Christmas sales, it is an intense time, filled with opportunities to boost sales and increase revenue. Better known as one of the most interesting days for e-commerce in terms of boosting sales and reaching an amazing turnover right before the end of the year. But what many businesses forget, is that Black Friday is not only great for selling your products. It is also a great opportunity to buy wholesale products with great discounts to stock up for the...

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11/11: Let Singles Day in China Boost your Sales

The 11th of November (Singles Day, 11/11) seems like a regular day for e-commerce businesses in Europe and America but for China this is revolutionary holiday in which e-commerce shines. The holiday that started out as a celebration for single people at the University of Nanjing in 1933 has grown to be one of the biggest sales boosters in China. This holiday did not naturally grow to such size but was pushed by major players in the Chinese market to become a sales heaven for marketplaces. Just as many people consider Valentine’s Day not as a day to celebrate...

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How Influencer Marketing can Boost your Sales

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and is more widely used than ever. It has become a new manner of communication and marketing. Whether you are selling food, sports clothes or holidays to exotic destinations. There is a person out there with a great community that can communicate for your brand and is willing to do so. This manner of marketing is softer and is not as recognizable as the general advertisement you will find as banners on websites. These types of communications is what brands are looking for these days as it reaches their audience with the right message...

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[#EVENT] Get UnGagged in Las Vegas

It is almost time for the Las Vegas edition of UnGagged 2017 and it promises to be an unforgettable event. From 12 to 15 November you have the chance to discover everything there is to know about SEO and digital marketing. The three day conference also includes a one-day intensive masterclass which will enlighten you even more. UnGagged is an unconventional event that is known for takes a different approach and delivering actionable strategies that cover all aspects of online marketing. But don’t expect any fluff or sales pitches, this event brings it to you straight and gives you...

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[#EVENT] Shoptalk: Everything you need and more

This year, E-Commerce Nation had the great opportunity to attend Shoptalk Europe 2017, and it was an absolute blast! This reputable event has shown to bring to table what is promised. As the name suggests, this event revolved around talk about shopping; online shopping and the future for online shopping. Anil Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Shoptalk, opened the event with a speech focusing on bringing people together. The focus is to create communities that interact and exchange. Together we will grow bigger and better. Also one of the reasons why Shoptalk is bringing together Europe and the United...

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