Author: Emil Stickland

Brand vs Retailer – Why their E-Commerce Strategies are Opposing

Retailers have been quick to adopt effective e-commerce strategies, but brands are lagging due to their antiquated approach, and the market is changing. What brands don’t realise is that the very strategies making money for retailers online, is damaging brands themselves. Traditional models for retail consist of: brands manufacture the product, the product being sold to retailers, then to consumers. Brands would rarely engage in direct sales. This works because retail outlets (usually) need to sell more than one brand to be successful. A single brand, would not (typically) have enough products to operate in bricks and mortar retail....

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Should you sell your products on Marketplaces?

Marketplaces steal your profit. If you are selling on Amazon, Ebay, Rakuten or similar you are giving away profit that you could be keeping for your company. These marketplaces pit products against each other to push prices down, and increase volumes, with no regard for your bottom line. That is because they do not have to worry about your costs, if you are making a loss on each unit Amazon still makes a profit. They take a percentage of sales price, not of gross profit. So the question here is: should you sell your products on marketplaces? Should you...

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How to Double your International E-commerce Sales with One Simple Idea

As several companies are betting on online shopping, the E-commerce market is becoming more competitive by the day. That’s the reason why selling abroad is more difficult as ever. But never fear! You can boost and even double your international e-commerce sales with one basic tip.  Most of it is related to the image your brand conveys, your branding means a lot in terms of conversion. Your brand needs to reflect trust and legitimacy to incite customers to buy from you. Doubling your International E-Commerce Sales with one simple idea: Build trust with your audience. Per a study by OC&C, Paypal and...

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Does Social Media Selling Differ in Cross Border E-Commerce?

Social media selling is a real breakthrough in the e-commerce landscape. For a few years now, brands started selling their products through social media platforms all over the world. With the rise of mobile phone users and social media platforms that are now integrating payment systems to allow their users to purchase directly from brands, social commerce is on the rise. 4 in 10 users have purchased an item after having shared it on social media. Today, consumers are more influential and empowered than ever. At a time when traditional advertisement has less and less influence on native digital  consumers, social...

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The Top 5 Free Security Tools to Protect Your E-Commerce

Security is one of the least considered areas of e-commerce, until something goes wrong. Companies are keen to update the front-end e-commerce, or engage the latest social strategy, while security is left on the side line. It is not sexy, nor is it in your face, but it is very very important to protect your business from hackers. If you have an attack, it can cause a huge amount of damage to your business. Approx. 16% of companies who have assessed the financial impact of a cyber-attack valued the loss at more than £5m. However, over 60% have not...

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