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[#EVENT] 3 Reasons you can’t miss the eTailing Summit London 2017

Schedule a day off in July to attend the Summit and find out the three reasons this is a must-attend event. The eTailing Summit organized by Forum Events Ltd will be held July 11, 2017, at the Hilton London Canary Wharf. 3 Reasons to Attend the eTailing Summit London 2017 How would an etailer benefit from attending such an occasion? The eTailing Summit is far from the average industry trade show, offering digital matchmaking options designed to create and grow relationships between attendees. Benefit from one-to-one business meetings, interactive seminars, and priceless networking opportunities. eTailing industry experts will be on...

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How to Hack Social Media Marketing Automation: CoSchedule Review

CoSchedule is an automation solution for business owners or individuals who wish to create an automated solution for your content management and marketing tasks. It is designed to work automatically while allowing you control at the top when you decide which events will be scheduled and what you will name as your priorities. We’ve reviewed quite a few social media marketing automation tools, but thus far, CoSchedule takes the cake. It might seem a bit tricky to work out in the beginning, but there are tons of tutorials available if you need them. Summary of Features and Recommendations If...

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How to Drive Visits and Sales to your E-Commerce in 2 Steps

We talk about social media often. This is because when you’re first starting out, or if you’re just launching into digital marketing, social media is the easiest (and cheapest) method of marketing your online store. When building your social presence, it’s important to create a community around your product and brand. This community will drive visits and sales to your store, and turn your followers into brand ambassadors, harnessing the most powerful type of marketing that exists: word of mouth. Prestashop has created another video with our CEO Nicolas Chevalier  on how to use social media to drive visits and...

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How to Build a Community around your E-Commerce with Social Media [VIDEO]

Building a community around your e-commerce is one of the best things you can do to drive visits and sales. The community creates a virtuous circle that will promote your brand positively, and create brand ambassadors out of your most loyal customers. But how do you build a community around your e-commerce? How do you make people interested in your brand and your products? There are 4 main actions you need to take in order to build a community around your e-commerce via social media: You need to understand your target audience Provide added value through content Making your content and products...

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5 Events that Rise up to E-Commerce Industry Challenges

2016 was a huge year for E-commerce. We saw trends and developments all over the world that revolutionized the way we shop and sell online. New technologies disrupted the industry by creating a customer that has become more and more demanding. This was a huge year for e-commerce events as well. We were official media partners with several events this  year which allowed us to explore the most important topics of the year: Paris Retail Week: The Challenge of the Omni-Channel Customer Lengow E-Commerce Day: The Challenges of Cross-Border in 2016 E-Commerce Africa Confex: The Challenge of a Mobile-Centric market...

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