Author: Duncan La Barre

[#WEBINAR] VAT: What you need to know to sell in the EU E-Commerce Market

In 2016, the EU e-commerce market exploded to an unprecedented 407.4 billion euros, with 296 million online shoppers across the Schengen zone. Holding 13% of the overall world market and coming in third after Asia-Pacific and North America, the EU alone holds a huge piece of the market. However, the EU e-commerce market can be a bit tricky to deal with- after all, you’ve got 28 different cultures looped into the same economic area. While there is standardisation and free trade among these countries, each have their own rules and ways to be legally compliant. And yes, you need...

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[#Webinar] How to Convert Google Analytics Data into E-Commerce Sales

No matter what you sell online, understanding your Google Analytics data is key to your success. As the most powerful search engine worldwide, Google offers the best tool for tracking everything from site visits, to user behaviour, to inbound channels, and much more. Assuming you’re not completely new to this- this is still a pretty scary dashboard to look at (especially for those of us who are visual people). Throw in PPC advertising with Google, and this gets about three times as complicated. This is why we’ve launched a new Masterclass webinar which will be held next Wednesday, March 22nd...

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[#Webinar] How to Master Your E-commerce Checkout Experience

Any successful online retailer knows that the e-commerce checkout experience is the most crucial part of their strategy. Your customers have made it to your site, been wowed by your product range, and are ready to part with their hard-earned cash. Making sure your checkout experience is the easiest and smoothest thing for the customer to do is essential for e-commerce retailers. An awkward process leads to frustrated customers and abandoned shopping carts. This very topic will be the subject of our Masterclass Webinar on Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:00 pm (UTC+0). The webinar will be posted by Tom Weeks, UK...

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