Author: Alexandre Grela

What will Brexit Mean for your Cross-Border E-Commerce?

In the wake of Brexit negotiations turning tougher on both sides, one question remains unanswered: “What about the future?” Despite all the demagogy generated around this topic, I believe we should try to have a look into three possible futures. Here are the three possibilities: The Soft Brexit Case The Mid-range Brexit Case The Hard Brexit Case Regardless of the polemics around the issue, some cases seem to be the most realistic according to the current state of discussions. The Background of Brexit and the EU The law and the institutions The tricky part around Brexit is directly linked...

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Are Micro-Markets a good opportunity for Cross-Border E-Commerce?

Articles too often consider big or middle-sized markets such as India, China, the United States, Germany, Spain or the other. “Micro-markets” are often disregarded, though they might present a unique opportunity for cross-border e-commerce. First, let us define what is a “micro-market.” Defining a “micro-market” is fairly difficult as it takes a lot of consideration, I will nonetheless try to define it along these three elements: Access to technology Purchasing power Population To clarify this definition we can identify the micro-market as a country we would call Country X. Country X ID Factsheet: Access to technology: At least 30%...

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How to make Multilingual Search work for E-Commerce

Whether you plan to run an SEO or a PPC campaign, the multilingual dimension is often an additional difficulty. In some markets such as Canada, Belgium or Switzerland it is the norm due several official languages to represent. Therefore, this requires a great capacity to adapt. Additionally, external factors may have a non-negligible influence! Is your website ready? The first element to consider is to make sure that your website is ready to go international or more exactly multilingual. Here are the five top questions you should ask yourself before starting anything: Where am I planning to sell? Do I...

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